Grace is my name but I am also one of the “naked mole rats”. My sister, Muriel, and I were brought up to Illinois from Georgia with a horrific case of mange. We both had no fur. Hence, the “naked mole rats”. I am a 4 1/2 month old female puppy. I probably have some pittie in me. Go me. I am probably going to be a medium size dog but that’s only a guess. My fur is back and it’s beautiful. Love the colors. I’m a brindle babe! I am up for anything. I love life and make the most out of each day. Sometimes I chew. Don’t judge. It’s my only vice so I will need some chew toys if not I love shoes, charging cords and tv remotes. I LOVE toys. My gosh they are incredible. I love carrying them in my mouth. My foster mom said she didn’t think I was ever given a chance to be a puppy. Having mange wasn’t fun. I have only had two accidents in the house so potty training is coming along. If kids come on too strong, I will go by my foster mom. The kids can pick me up but no yelling. I don’t like that. When I go to sleep, you will know it. Zzzzz. I currently live with my sister, Muriel and my foster brother and sister who are adult dogs and big. I respect them. I deserve an exceptional family who will love me forever. If you are interested and want to meet me, please contact Tammie at (847) 626-8697