Ladies and gentleman, after much anticipation, I present to you the new and improved, Nyssa 2.0!As you can see from the before pictures, Nyssa’s operating syatem was in dire need of a revamp. I’m pleased to announce after much research and development we have brought this model up to date and improved the operating system as a whole! As you can see we have added weight to the model, making it healthier and more ergonomically efficient for hugs and cuddles. It was decided by the engineering department that the design would benefit greatly- after the neglect and abuse of the product- from removal of the fourth and broken stabilizer in the front. After removal of said stabilizer the overall function of the body is better and now devoid of pain and discomfort. Lacking the pain and discomfort of before the models temperament has changed from sweet to sweeter. Upon further analysis of improved model, model shows signs of taking a more submissive role in pack life, preferring instead to be a follower, waiting patiently for her food, water, and snuggles.

Troubleshooting your new and improved Nyssa 2.0: On occasion newer model will inadvertently fall on to floor and roll on back. Upon rubbing of under belly will recharge model and set right. Also on occasion model will GENTLY launch on to front of standing human grasping human with single front stabilizer. Nose boops and face scratches along with kisses and whispers of sweet nothings in models ears will reset model and improve overall function. We have also noticed model launching on to the couch only to plop down and sigh contentedly. This is the sign model needs to quietly recharge, but will accept snuggles, hugs, kisses, rubs and scratches. New and improved model of Nyssa 2.0 is now available to adoption. Please go to K9s4U Dog Rescue Inc.- NFP to fill out an application or contact Jenni at 8157904785