Tammie Dungjen



I started volunteering at a local dog rescue after our Rottweiler, Harley died in December 2011 followed by our Am Staff, Princess, who died in February 2012.  Both died of natural causes at the age of 12 years each.  My heart was broken and I think I cried more tears than I ever thought I could.  That is when my family and I decided to try fostering in honor of very loved and missed dogs.  We began volunteering just a week later with a local rescue.   During my time with the rescue I learned that this is my TRUE passion!  After being with the rescue for nearly nine months and seeing all the dogs in need of rescue, a group of friends and I decided to start another rescue in hopes of saving even more canine lives.  Our goal is to work together as a team in an ethical, compassionate, and professional way to save as many dogs as possible.

Meghan Wightman

Vice President



Meghan came to K9s4U in September 2013 looking to adopt BeBe (shown in the photo) after losing the last of their Shelties who had been loyal family members since before she was married.  BeBe was a special case dog as she came from a bad hoarding case home and was not potty trained, socialized or leash trained.  So the Wightman’s agreed to foster BeBe and see if they could help train her to be a great family dog for her next FURever home.  Well they fell in love with BeBe, now Guinness, and made her a permanent part of their happy home in January 2014.  The Wightman’s were hooked and have been fully involved with K9s4U ever since.  Along with her husband Doug and daughters Sydney and Alexis, the Wightman’s have already fostered and adopted out more than 50 dogs from their home since September.  Their 3 year old Golden Retriever, Cubbie, is also the official sniff tester and playmate of all new K9s4U puppies the Wightman’s foster.

Wendy Manrose




I came to K9s4U in February 2015, but have been a dog lover my whole life. In 2013, after losing my beloved white German Shepherd, I felt the need to reach out to a rescue and foster. My first foster ended up a foster fail (our term for when a foster adopts the dog), and Callie our Doberman mix became a part of our family. Since I adopted my very first foster, my husband and I thought it would be best if I took a “break” from fostering. Well in 2015 I came across K9’s Facebook page and saw they needed fosters.  I wound up falling in love with this rescue and knew this was my true calling! I added this to my already busy schedule of being a wife, mom to 3 kids, 2 dogs of our own, and assisting with my husband’s business. In November of 2015 we fostered our now border collie Mona (yet another foster fail), and had our first experience with birthing puppies when she gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies Thanksgiving morning!  I have now fostered over 50 dogs in my short time with K9’s, and my family and I welcome them all with open arms.

Courtney Ashton



I found K9s4U by happenstance in the fall of 2014. A friend of mine adopted a puppy, I liked the Facebook page, and the rest was history! I began volunteering at intake and fell in love with the people and the dogs of K9s4U. I have loved dogs my entire life but grew up with parents who never understood my obsession. I started volunteering at local animal shelters from a young age; a dog rescue was a natural extension of my love of puppy breath and saving animals. Early winter of 2014 I organized a transport of 11 dogs from Tennessee. I was given a crash course in vet care, fostering, and Murphy’s Law. Shortly after, Tammie asked me if I would like to be a member of the K9s4U family and become an adoption counselor. Since that day I have gotten the joy of pairing countless amazing dogs with loving furever families. While my fiancé and I do not currently have any dogs of our own, we plan to adopt this spring from K9s4U (where else!). This has been an amazing opportunity and I couldn’t pick a better group of fosters or board members to be on this journey with.