If you are interested in becoming a foster for us, fill out the form to apply.

  • Foster Care Provider Information

  • Due to the fact that our rescue is funded solely by adoptions, grants, and donations, it is essential that all below terms are strictly adhered to. Foster must initial all below terms line by line.
    The foster care provider further agrees to abide by the following:
  • 1. Transfer of Responsibility: Physical custody of the dog will not be transferred to any person or organization by the foster care provider. If for any reason the foster care provider cannot keep the dog, the dog will be returned to K9s4U Dog Rescue Inc.
  • 2. Control: The dog will be under supervision or safely secured at all times. Foster dog will not be allowed to run loose off the property of the foster care provider, except in designated dog exercise areas under full supervision of the foster care provider.
  • 3. Care: Foster care provider accepts full responsibility for maintaining a reasonable level of care for the dog including but not limited to food, water, grooming, adequate sanitation, exercise, attention, safety, shelter and access to prompt diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, which will be provided by our designated veterinarian. All emergency situations MUST go thru member of the board and to a designated K9s4U Dog Rescue veterinarian. Fosters will NOT be reimbursed for any veterinarian costs, leashes, dog supplies or food cost that are not PRE-APPROVED by a member of the board.
  • 4. Showings and Events: Foster Provider is responsible for ensuring that the foster dog is available for all showings and events during the time of foster care. In addition, care provider agrees to bring foster dog to any events if at all possible. No adoption will be done by any foster without presence of a board member or certified adoption counselor.
  • 5. Acceptance: K9s4U Dog Rescue, Inc. has provided the foster care provider with information about the health, history and background of the dog, to the fullest extent possible. The foster care provider accepts responsibility for the dog based on the information available and provided at the time of this agreement.
  • 6. Reservation of Rights: K9s4U reserves the right review foster homes and to follow up on any complaints or reports to protect the welfare of the dog. If the terms of this agreement are not satisfactorily upheld by the foster care provider, and/or if any misrepresentations have been made to K9s4U Dog Rescue, Inc. in order to obtain the dog, K9s4U Dog Rescue, Inc. reserves the right to void the Agreement and demand the immediate return of the dog by the foster care provider.
  • 7. Fostering: Foster Care provider agrees not to foster with any other rescue organizations while in agreement with K9s4U Dog Rescue, Inc. Contract will be null and void and the foster dog will be immediately removed from the home if foster decides to foster for another organization.
  • 8. Supplies: All items provided by K9s4U must be returned within 1 week of fosters departure. Items must be returned in cleaned, sanitized, and in good condition. Foster will be responsible for replacement of any items not returned within 1 week of foster’s departure, unless authorized by a member of the standing board.
  • Returnable Supplies Given

  • This is a legal binding agreement to provide temporary foster care for the dog described below,
  • The undersigned foster care provider does hereby release and covenant to hold harmless K9s4U Dog Rescue Inc., its directors, officers, and members from any claims, damages, costs or actions incurred as a result of providing foster care for this dog or caused by the actions of the dog transferred herein.
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